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Andrei Marks · August 20, 2007

From the 2007-08-20 print of the 新京报, the Beijing Paper. On page A21, in the International News: Asia Pacific and Europe section. Written by Xu Chao, and is from the Xinhua Press. Under the “Taliban Kidnaps 23 South Koreans” news track.


The Taliban Threatens to Kill More Korean Hostages

- A spokesperson says that continuing negotiations won’t yield any progress; on the 17th 4 Afghani engineers were also kidnapped by the Taliban.

Calling himself the Taliban’s spokesperson, Yousef Ahmadi said on the 18th that if the South Korean party doesn’t express a more “positive attitude” in future negotiaations, then the Taliban will kill more hostages. Before the Taliban released two of the female South Korean hostages on the 13th, the Taliban had also threatened to kill them.

Ahmadi said that the face-to-face negotiations between the Taliban and the South Korean government’s representatives concerning the hostage problem have already failed, because the South Koreans did not respond to the Taliban’s demands.

“If the South Koreans don’t express more positivity during the negotiations, then in that case two hostages will possibly be killed,” Ahmadi said in a telephone interview with the Korean United Press Agency. He reiterated the demand made by the Taliban that 8 Talibani prisoners be released still “hasn’t changed”.

This is the newest threat since the release of two female South Korean prisoners. On the 19th of July the Taliban kidnapped 23 South Korean hostages, and afterwards killed two of the men. After the release of the two women, the Taliban still holds 19 South Korean hostages captive. Ahmadi said the upper levels of the Taliban are now discussing how to deal with these 19 hostages.

“I think that continuing negotiations won’t improve anything. I am currently waiting for the decision of the (Taliban’s) upper levels,” said Ahmadi.

And while this kidnapping affair has yet to come to a resolution, on the 18th two more kidnapping incidents occurred elsewhere in Afghanistan. Afghani authorities confirmed that on the 17th armed Taliban forces kidnapped four Afghani engineers in Afghan’s southern Kandahar province. The four engineers were kidnapped in Shawalikute, in the north of the province, where they were constructing a bridge. The building project is sponsered by the Afghani government.

Translator’s notes:
- Pretty straight forward article. It read much faster since I had all the vocabulary from the last one. I felt like I should follow up that lost hostage story, and sort of see where it goes. Otherwise there was an article about the US Navy pulling a video one of its officers posted on Youtube. Okay can’t talk too much I’ve really got to use the bathroom.
- Also didn’t know what name Shawalikute is transliterated from originally, but like I said I have to go to the bathroom.

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