Blind Blocks (a.k.a. Tetris After Dark or Sonar Tetris): 26 Hour Update

Andrei Marks · September 13, 2011

The latest video is now up on Youtube:

I have, at this point, abandoned all hope of compressing my code for the time being and just focused on cobbling things together. Which is fun, but probably isn’t good coding practice! Maybe after the game is more complete I’ll turn it into an exercise. I really need to learn more about efficient iteration.


Yesterday I added the row clearing animation. I thought the explosion looked pretty cool, but it also serves the purpose of temporarily illuminating the field and giving the players a break from their night-blindness. A great deal of my time was spent tweaking  when, where, and how the display updates.

Frankly, I’m so in the dark about proper frame-rates and hardware capacity that I have no idea how the finished program will run. I have an okay computer, with 4 gigs of RAM and a video card, so it runs perfectly fine on mine. I mean, there aren’t any imported images or anything, it’s just all the iterations of the stupid blocks that I’m worried about. So, we’ll have to see how it goes.

Variables & Surfaces

I got a little more practice with global and local variables, but I can’t say if I actually dealt with the matter efficiently when it came up in practice. I’m afraid I may have gone a little crazy for the sake of convenience.

I also got to practice a little bit with surfaces, blitting, and the like. It’s not too bad so far, thought I did get a little conceptually hung up on a few issues. Perhaps when I start making games that use actual images I’ll get a bunch more practice at it. At the moment I’m mainly using it for transparencies and the interface, while the actual game content is being drawn directly on the primary surface.

Things to Do

  • Well, first I want to get all the sound finished. I'm going to just be generating sounds using the Bfxr tool. It will probably take me some time to find ones I'm perfectly happy with, but so far I believe I just need sounds for flipping, landing, the sonar ping, maybe an infrared hum, the flare sound, the explosion/clear sound, and maybe some interface sounds.
  • I want to add a flare feature, which will be something like a 3-time use per an entire game, to use during emergencies.
  • Still have to fix a rotation/collision issue...
  • Have to do a start screen and menu. I already have an animation in mind.
  • And the interface, of course.
  • Oh, and scoring and loss conditions, but that's pretty easy. I suppose I should create a gameover screen as well.
  • I also wanted to come up with a logo for Work Work Games and be able to put it on the site.

Okay, lots to do!

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