Bombs and Moms

Andrei Marks · August 11, 2007

From the 2007-08-11 print of the Youth Daily (青年报), on page 11. Two articles from the Comprehensive International News section. The articles were really short so I did two of them. Both come from the Xinhua Press, neither provided journalist names.


Russian Fighter Planes “Patronize” an American Naval Base

On the 8th a high level Russian Air Force official said that two Tu-95MS “Bear” long distance strategic bombers flew over the United States Guam Naval Base and were intercepted by American fighter planes, after which they returned to Russia.

The Russian Air Force long distance bomber flight commander Pavel Andelusufu said that when the two Bears flew over the US Naval Base in Guam, the American fighters urgently scrambled to intercept, and the pilots of both sides smiled to each other. Andelusifu pointed out that the Russian Guam fly-by is one part of their air force military exercises and in the three days of maneuvers they will perform over 40 sorties and deploy 8 cruise missles.

The Associated Press reports that when the Russian bombers patronized Guam, the American military was conducting large scale military exercises nearby, with a few dozen battleships, over a hundred fighter planes, and 22,000 military personal attending. According to Reuter’s analysis, Russia has been disputing often with the US and NATO recently, and the intention of this action was to display Russia’s military power, and express that Russia’s military has now retained its vitality.

Translator’s Notes:
- So my dictionary says that the term used above is either “flew over” or “flew by”. There’s nothing in the context that says which it was so I’m not sure which to put. I feel that a fly-by would be much more likely than a fly-over, which seems pretty extreme.
- Wait, just looked it up, apparently they flew towards the base, and were intercepted before they got there. Thanks Wikipedia.
- Again, not sure about how to translate “Andelusufu”.
- I don’t know how Chinese people feel about Russia in general. From people I’ve talked to, I’d say they like America better, or imagine that China has a better relationship with America. Perhaps because Russia is so near and has a common border with China, they can’t be helped but be looked upon with slight suspicion. Whereas America’s on the other side of the world and China can be friendly with them without any worry. And I think Americans are viewed as more open. Simplified view of things, but sometimes it’s how people think.


America’s “Anti-War Mother” Will Run for Congressional Representative

On the 9th in San Francisco America’s famous anti-war personage Cindy Sheehan, the “Anti-War Mother”, announced that in the 2008 Congressional election she will run for the Congressional Representative position representing San Francisco’s electoral district. She will be challenging the 20 year incumbent and current Speaker of the House of Representatives, democrat Pelosi.

According to local media reports, Sheehan criticizes Pelosi for catering to the rich and powerful, and distancing herself from the common people. She says that America needs to undergo a major transformation, and that the transformation will start with her running for Congress. Sheehan says she will enter the race as an independent candidate.

Translator’s notes:
- This is actually the first I’ve heard of Cindy Sheehan here in China, and if she already has the cognomens “Anti-War Mother”, I imagine that she’s made an impression on the Chinese media. I feel like she’s the sort of person they’d like, especially since she’s diametrically opposed to Bush.
- These short little articles were from a national newspaper, I’m in Shanghai right now, so I don’t have any access to my normal paper. I’ll just be picking random papers off the street.

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