daily notes: minimaxim devlog

Andrei Marks · June 30, 2019

The game/app I’m working on is called Minimaxim. Just the working name but I probably won’t bother changing it even when hitting the button and getting the game on the app store. That naming trap is just one of those things that’s easy to get sucked into.

Work Priorities

For my working method, I’ll be trying to put in at least an hour a day. Ideally an hour of deep work, not chipped away at in pieces. I think this will be an interesting project because it’s both meant to end with a shippable product, but it’s also partially a learning exercise. Mainly, I want to work on TDD and want to work on using a dependency injection framework. But I know how easy it is to get bogged down in that stuff and not actually make anything.

So my routine is going to be alternating days between creative production and learning/refactoring/builds/dashboard crap/yak shaving. What that means is that on odd days, I just focus on creating the thing, not worrying about forcing myself to use well-designed code or new learnings if those things detract from the process of just getting new stuff made. Those are the days I’ll be forging ahead on the actual creation of the app, or chasing random impulses that may or may not pan out.

Then on even days, I approach the project from the other side. Doing all the hard and/or tedious stuff that will help ensure a project gets delivered, as well as making sure the project is maintainable and not just a thrown up mess. These are the days I’ll make builds for testing (Maxim is going to be my lead QA), the days I’ll deal with creating assets for the app store, the days I’ll spend time learning how to go about things the right way or learning something new.

Another limitation, for now I’m just going to worry about delivering something on iOS.


I’ll also use my daily half-hour of blogging time as a devlog for this project, primarily.

Yesterday I worked on just bringing my minimaxim repo up to speed. It was originally for an entirely different game I made for Maxim (also called Minimaxim), which I made for him on his first trip away from me!

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