Daily Worklog

Andrei Marks · August 21, 2012

  • Business/team emails.
  • Freeplay Festival submission confirmed!
  • Heatmap level end distortion jitter works fine on other Macs.
  • Floater tooltip material issue fixed.
  • More business/team email.
  • Support email.
  • Fixed editor button from showing up improperly.
  • Fixed background music settings so the rewind functionality works properly.
  • Built out QA builds for PC and Mac.
  • Found bugs. Damn you bugs!
  • DOF issue is a lost cause. Forging ahead regardless...
  • Found another place where the Editor was getting turned on.
  • Fixed up some of my old bad logic that prevented escaping out of the game.
  • Fixed unwanted button collider issue during sequence complete transitions.
  • Built out another QA build.

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