Daily Worklog

Andrei Marks · August 22, 2012

Cipher Prime

  • Built out MacApp store build, still has that weird chugging issue on some computers, but I'll spend a little bit more time working on that. In the meantime it's more important to get the build out.
  • Built out updated builds for the Freeplay Festival and FTP'ed them. And ugh, had to switch tracking tag stuff in code, because our automated system won't work if there are builds going to two different places on the same day.
  • Updated blog with news.
  • http://www.gamasutra.com/view/feature/176253/want_to_be_surrounded_by_a_.php
  • Business/team email.
  • Support email.
  • Started Splice games page FAQ.
  • Drafting Kickstarter Update...will finish it tomorrow.
  • Working on Mac App Store certs/provisioning/etc. for Splice...Finally built the fucking package. What a convoluted process.
  • Taking screenshots for the Mac App Store profile.
  • Ugh don't try and build a Mac Standalone to test with Mac App Store Validation. Leave that at home.

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