Daily WorkLog

Andrei Marks · August 28, 2012

Cipher Prime

  • Spent most of yesterday working on a multiplayer prototype called "Two Players One Cup"
  • This networked multiplayer stuff is crazy! It's like regular programming plus twice the logic nec'y. Such mental masturbation; I wonder how long it'll last.
  • Currently working on seeing how well independent physics works in the game. I.e. just sending a Force to the ball and seeing how soon things desync on the client.
  • Cleaned up the server connection GUI a little bit.
  • Working on getting the initial forces set just right. Researching RPCs in more depth.
  • Okay, RPC calls for spawning works perfectly.
  • Now do something fun, how about the laser when a ball gets in the cup?
  • Aww yeah, got it up and running, with some cool particle effects. Need to work on match-making now. Will do that tomorrow.
For Posterity: /Applications/Unity/Unity.app/Contents/MacOS/Unity -projectPath "/Users/dainsaint/TwoPlayersOneCup/"


  • Let's see, things I can work on:
    • I've got Original Russian Shooter to work on.
    • The simulation game.
    • Anything more for my blog or website? Yes, but worth it to work on now?
    • A new multiplayer game? The even thing?
  • I've been sitting on Original Russian Shooter for a long time, I should probably get it done.
    • Okay, now I think I'll mainly be working on tweaking gameplay.
    • Need to make it fun.
    • One thing about the poison, perhaps should make it something that appears after a number of rounds, don't want to overwhelm the player too soon.
    • Also, should make a suicide button.
    • That should be the second level I think.
    • Let's work with game flow.
      • If you haven't done the tutorials, you start the tutorials.
      • Okay, scripts will be loaded properly, but now you need a script on the game camera that looks for the proper script.
    • "Encouragement messages" when you die?
      • Not everyone a soldier.
      • Try not to be pig's anus.
      • Maybe your momma or dada can come fight for you.
      • etc.
    • Need to make a Da/Net confirmation on the pickname screen.
    • Sound for death.
    • Haha, music--use various spy/movie songs: 007, Mission Impossible, Russian anthems, etc.
    • Get Rid of "Push button." Instead, on hover trigger the sound effect.
    • Use bullet vector graphic for the ammo marker. Don't need to recreate every quad, just cover the quad properly.
  • Okay cool, I've made, very nearly, the framework for the first tutorial level. The next tutorials should go much faster.

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