Daily Worklog

Andrei Marks · September 5, 2012


  • Ordinary Russian Shooter
    • Added death detection to tutorial, tweaked when and how sounds play.
    • Extracted some "you are dead" sounds from the recording session.

Cipher Prime

  • Team emails.
  • Press emails.
  • 2P1C, trying to make the motion of the shared controller smooth.
  • 2P1C, made the motion of the shared controller smooth! Reading up on matchmaking and master servers now.
  • Got matchmaking working! Tested with BJ over in Seattle. Need to work on server selection.
  • Hmm, switching it over to a juggling game, need to make sure that trajectories are synchronized. A little tough.
  • Switched to having rigidbodies be controlled by the network view, seems to work alright.

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