devlog two

Andrei Marks · April 19, 2014

On the development front, yesterday and the day before have been some interesting days.


I finished up the updates to the newest Intake version that I’ve been working on. The cool visual feature I mentioned yesterday we decided to call “Gartnervision.”

So that’s pretty much it for Intake for now. We also reduced the number of levels in the challenge modes from 50 to 25. Personally, I think that number should be even lower. Somewhere between 10 and 20.

The issue with Intake’s challenge levels is that each challenge mode (outside of maybe Pro mode), seems to get boring fairly quickly). I’d rather the challenge experiences be much quicker to progress in. Not sure if this is just me, but it’d be a pain in the butt to test or possibly not even worth the time it would take to solicit feedback.

Maybe if Intake was a large and active enough game community it wouldn’t be as much of an issue. As it is you have to shoot from the hip.


While the rest of the team works on prettifying / adding some features to the base game and our 15 minute demo, I’m working on some more experimental things for Duet that may or may not be interesting in the end. I’m currently trying to do something based on notion of “stream swimming,” as in swimming along with the particles while doing something.

For instance, finishing a level with a certain particle pattern and then being able to fly along it. I’m still not sure what sort of gameplay I’m going for. I’ll have to brainstorm a little more. I’m still nailing down making the controls of flying along the path feel right, but it has made for a bunch of neat looking vines!

Watch Your Elbows

Finished a lot of key polish for gameplay, and changed added some key features during dev night.

I added a lot more visual flair to the actual gameplay screen, added sound effects, gave some more visual stimulation by spinning the entire board, and then made sure that that rotation as well as the amount of extra force added to the ball varies based on the number of players.

The game won the game jam, and it was really well received by everyone! I think I’m going to keep working on it. It was my first play test with a bunch of people, and there was at least one round with maybe ten or twelve people. Pretty cool!

The test also pointed out a few flaws, like needing a bit of a break between the player select screen and the game play, and needing to slow down time when players are ejected from the game. There are also a bunch of visuals that I’d like to add.

Also single player. Just because.

I unfortunately did not get a chance to take many pictures/video, but they would have been really good. Lots of people crowding around, and good crowd reaction. Maybe next week. Some other people got a little video though!

Until tomorrow!

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