devlog one

Andrei Marks · April 16, 2014

So I’ve decided to try and do a daily half-hour devlog exercise every morning. I’ll just set aside the time to summarize whatever game development stuff I developed/learned/played the previous day.

Worked On


Been working on making the Intake standalone a little sexier. Because the playfield preserves an arcade aspect ratio, there are huge letterboxes on the sides of the game. Kert Gartner, who made Intake’s trailer, added a neat effect that we decided to emulate.

He overlaid a blown up and blurred version of the gameplay on the letterboxes, creating dynamic glassy action on the sides of the screen. Here’s my version:

Andrei Marks (@andreimarks) April 14, 2014 I made the effect by creating a camera child of the main game camera, and throwing a render texture and Unity Pro blur effect on it. Then, in a separate letterbox rendering layer, made two quads that display a material that uses the render texture. Unfortunately, with the way our scene/cameras were set up, it was less intrusive to use two quads and tweak UV values, as opposed to having a single quad. At that point it was just a matter of tweaking size/positioning/etc.

Watch the Elbows

This is my Philly Dev Night overloaded jam game. Last night I mainly cleaned up a bunch of player select screen design issues. The core of the game is there, but the gameplay part still needs a bit of polish.

Did run into a bit of trouble with how the HSBColor script I’m using doesn’t really like hue values over 1f, but I fixed that and added an improved RainbowCycler.cs script to my library. Also created a coroutine SimpleAnimation script, which essentially does what iTween does, but is more tightly integrated with our Shapes system.

Tonight I’ll mainly polish it up to show off at Dev Night tomorrow night.



Had an incredible run that was going so well, until I died before Ice 3 with the ankh. Then died at the Temple. I’d actually made enough money to buy everything I wanted from the shopkeepers AND still have enough left over to purchase the ankh.

I’ve been thinking a lot about why I enjoy Spelunky so much, and I’m going to write a longer post on it and a couple of other games I’ve been playing recently.

Sirtet (Link)

So this game is my go-to mobile game now. It’s definitely replaced Threes. Which I have issues with and will write about later as well.

Sirtet: a secretly social game from Randall Li on Vimeo.

It’s a tetromino clearing game where you populate board rows yourself, as well as match colors while clearing the board.


Played my daily round of this stupid, terrible, wonderful game.


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