Fuck This Jam! +8 hours

Andrei Marks · November 12, 2012

Had a chance to work on this a little bit on Friday and Saturday. So, about 8 hours in currently.

Tonight I’m working on getting the networking set up. Just simple joining the game first (through master server match-making), and then setting up the different modes (no switching just yet.)

Hour 9:

  • Working on making the master server find game section seamless and integrated into this game's style of gameplay.
  • Why isn't NetworkPlayer exposed in the inspector?
  • Fuck it. Getting the server to wait for all player connections.

Hour 10:

  • Working on tightening up the login screen still. Silly inconsequential data.
  • Okay, done with master server stuff. Now, actually getting down to the nitty gritty of who makes the level and who sees what and controls what.
  • Setting up the client to load the level, and the server to be the fpser.
  • Room instantiation works well, just need to organize stuff and make it rational. Also, work on restricting cameras and input.
  • Okay, the proper players are instantiating the proper game objects, just have to make sure that everything is turned on/off properly.

Hour 11:

  • Tiny snag with a weird problem. Variable for a prefab not found. What am I missing?
  • Solved that problem above. Added network views, which work, but apparently can't be child objects if I'm following transform information. Going to rearchitect the player prefabs a little to make instantiation and commands slightly easier.
  • Ah, cleaning up the network view. Then have to clean up inputs (i.e. separate mind and body), then work on room information.
  • Struggling with some stupid basic inheritance stuff. Come on man.
  • Woot, working. Repeat after me. Abstract methods...must be in abstract classes and you don't put curly brackets in the superclass. Virtual methods can be in non-abstract classes and you just override them in the derived class. Next up, smoothing some movement and enabling the synchronization of room data.

Hour 12:

  • Just need to get the network view/lerping hook ups correct, had it all wrong.
  • Okay, finishing programming for the night, I'll have to sleep on this issue.

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