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Andrei Marks · August 24, 2007

This article is from the 2007-08-24 print of the Beijing Paper (新京报), on page A28 under the International News - Middle East, America, and Africa section (they pick really weird groupings of continents for this paper). It’s a short article about American military affairs, with an additional little background blurb. The authors are Yang Qingquan and Pan Yunzhao, and this is from a Xinhua Press release.


US Military Plans to Move the “Wolf’s Den” to the Surface

- The anti-missile core command organization will be moved out from underground; the purpose is to integrate resources.

In an August 22 media report, despite opposition from some Congressmen, the US military decided to move its aerospace and anti-missile defense core command structure, known as the “Wolf’s Den”, out of it’s Cheyenne Mountain Operation center. It will move the command center, located deep underneath Colorado’s Cheyenne Mountain, to surface facilities in Peterson Air Force Base, located 19 kilometers away.

In charge of the Cheyenne Mountain Operations Center, and the commander of both the North American Air Defense Command and the Northern Command, Leiniuete said that although moving this well-guarded subterranean defense center to the surface will decease its security, it will merge the scattered command structures of the Cheyenne Mountain deep subterranean command post and the Peterson Air Force Base command post, optimizing the use of resources. This will allow American military leaders to receive information more quickly and promptly mount a response in the case of a surprise attack on American soil.

But the moving plan has met with some opposition from American military specialists. They assert that with Russia now putting her long range strategic bombers back on flight status, and with the tense relationship between America and Russia, moving the Air Defense and Anti-Missile Operation’s core control organization out of the well protected underground command post is not a wise move. A few congressmen have gone so far as to threatening to halt the allocation of funds for the building of the Peterson Air Force Base command post.


The second part was under the heading “Uncovering Secrets”:

Cheyenne Mountain Operation Center

In 1966 the Cheyenne Mountain Operations Center was officially consigned for use, and is today the central command center of the US North American Aerospace Defense Command, the US Air Force Space Command, the US Strategic Command, and the US Northern Command. Together they have the heavy responsibilities of aerospace defense, missile defense, and homeland defense, and this place is known in America as the “Wolf’s Den”. It would serve as America’s last shelter in the case of nuclear war, and is also known as the sturdiest command center in the world.

The command post is located over 400 meters underground, and is covered by granite about 380 meters thick, and is able to withstand even the power of a high yield atomic explosion. The stocks of food, water, and energy inside are enough to maintain 800 people for 30 continuous days of work.

Translator’s notes:
- The Cheyenne Mountain Operations Center is actually now known as the Cheyenne Mountain Directorate. Apparently a lot of its functions have already been moved to Peterson Air Force Base.
- I can’t find the name of the general.
- All I want to know is what are they going to do with the Stargate and the SkyNet AI mainframe!!!

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