I Lol'd

Andrei Marks · January 26, 2011

Here’s an article on The Last Psychiatrist that had me laughing and crying, Are Law Schools Lying To Their Applicants?. Good stuff, written in reaction to the NYT’s Is Law School a Losing Game?. Ugh, I don’t like those periods after the article names.

Anyway, my favorite bits–on law students:

I go through this to show you that law school, while it attracts people wanting to practice law,  also attracts college kids who are bright but emotionally adrift.  They don't know what they want-- besides a mental image of a lifestyle-- and they don't know who they are-- besides a mental image of an identity.  A three year law program is a great way to postpone reality and still have something to show for yourself.

And the cost of law school:

If something is immune to the laws of supply and demand, it's usually because someone deliberately set it up to circumvent those rules. Supply and demand should have caused these lower tier schools to lower their costs to entice students away from the better but more expensive schools.  But they don't need to, because all law schools are free.  Read it again.  All law schools are free. Not after you graduate, of course, but right now.  Law schools can charge anything they want because everyone has enough money to pay for it- today.  As long as there are guaranteed government loans available for this, there is no economic incentive to lower the costs.  And as long as the price is zero, demand will always be infinity.

Though, there’s one confusing sentence thrown in there:

[Law school]'s not even an overview of the various kinds of law.  There is absolutely no patent law in law school, for example, so if you go into patent law, good luck.

Maybe the writer is a generation or two older than current ~25 year olds? This sounds like law school a couple of decades ago. It’s always seemed to me that having specialty areas was one of the ways law schools could prove themselves particularly useful.

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