illustrator tutorial completed: watercolor and marker style portrait of a bunny

Andrei Marks · August 7, 2010

This was fun. Last night I spent an hour (Or so? Time flies.) doing a Watercolor and Marker Style Portrait tutorial for Illustrator by Miguel Cardona. It’s on Design Instruct, which seems like a really great resource.

I used a picture of my fiancée as a base. Here she is at the top of a fire tower in Door County, Wisconsin:

Bunny on Door County Fire Tower

And after the tutorial:

Bunny on Fire Tower in Door County Watercolor/Marker PortraitThere are a lot of areas where I think I can improve my technique. The outlining was not as thorough as I would have liked, I'm there are plenty of other shading details that I missed out on. The coloring is also lacking depth and complexity. If you look at Miguel's finished portrait, the final coloring is pretty incredible.

But those shortcomings are mostly due to inexperience, and I'm sure that as I work on more portraits I'll get a better handle on how to do the details.

Doing this tutorial reminded me of how much I liked doing them! Maybe I'll try and do one a day to work on my noob design skills.

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