jekyll layouting

Andrei Marks · June 19, 2019

Okay, now that I’ve got all that migration stuff out of the way (with the exception of a bunch of images from my old wordpress blog, it looks like), now I just want to make sure this particular theme doesn’t just throw up every single post ever.

So I guess the first thing is figuring out exactly how it is my site works now. It’s pretty barebones:

It just uses the basic minima, which I guess makes this slightly confusing because the default _layout structures aren’t included in the repo. hah, the readme for the theme saying “Minima has been scaffolded by the jekyll new-theme command” is total gobbledygook.

Oh, open $(bundle show minima) is a super useful command. Didn’t realize you could stuff the output into a variable like that to open up the result of the path. This github issue on the theme pointed me toward the Jekyll pagination docs. I’m on version 3.8.5 (saw via gem list).

After configuring the Gemfile/_config.yaml to use the pagination plugin, was still getting this issue:

Pagination: Pagination is enabled, but I couldn't find an index.html page to use as the pagination template. Skipping pagination.

Google eventually pointed me to here then here. Just needed to change the existing to index.html, and I changed the front matter to:

# Feel free to add content and custom Front Matter to this file.
# To modify the layout, see

layout: home
  enabled: true

I’m not really sure about the consequences of changing that to index.html. Will eventually find out I guess!

Will pick up tomorrow with this guide’s suggestion for styling the page picker.

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