Learning How to Learn How to Make Games

Andrei Marks · August 30, 2011

So, this is always my first step when learning a new skill. Before you can learn something brand new to you, you have to learn how to learn it. So how have I gone about it?

I searched on Reddit. I use Reddit because, unlike search engines that don’t really take into account direct user feedback, and would most likely return a ton of semi-useful hits, social news websites will be more up to date and have better criticism and advice. You just have to push up your sleeves and wade through the morass of comments.

r/gamedev’s FAQ didn’t really help out, because it assumes some knowledge of programming. Although this link on learning how to program in Python was in the sidebar, I might start with that. After reading through some extremely helpful comments (yi, er, san, si, wu), I’ve decided to go with Python first, followed by C++, then Java. It sounds like Python is generally endorsed as a pretty good first language for beginners, mainly because it has a higher level of abstraction and the details are handled by the language itself. Then C++ because it looks like most games are written in that, and the transition from Python isn’t that bad.

So, starting with inventwithpython.com!


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