Andrei Marks · May 24, 2008

<p>c.1645, from Gk. polyglottos “speaking many languages,” lit. “many-tongued,” from polys “many” (see poly-) + glotta, Attic variant of glossa “language,” lit. “tongue.” (Online Etymology Dictionary)

The summer before I started college, I read this book, which introduced me to the idea of polyglottism. A general guide to language study, it gave a rundown of some techniques and guidelines, but it most importantly was a source of inspiration. I had never really considered language learning as something I would love, but now it probably is the hobby I enjoy the most.

So in this blog I’m going to let you follow the trajectory of my language studies, starting from today. I’ve missed lots of language opportunities over the course of my life, and sometimes lost sight of my goal, but now I’m making amends for my transgressions!

Next post: my personal language history!</p>

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