microworld: twirling on elk plaza, yellowstone

Andrei Marks · August 5, 2010

Found a neat and quick photoshop tutorial for creating microworlds. I’ve seen the technique called little planets in other places. This one was straightforward, just four steps.

Here’s my base. This is a picture of my fiancée mid-twirl above Fort Yellowstone/Mammoth Hot Springs at Yellowstone National Park. The park town is actually behind us, this is looking north towards Montana. We’re on the high ground on the south end of Elk Plaza. We’d hiked up on what we thought was a trail from our campground below to the town, but which we eventually realized was just a game trail. So we were tired and sweaty, but the view was well worth it at the top and we had to celebrate.

Twirling on Elk Plaza, Yellowstone

And here’s the microworld! I kind of blew through the final step of stitching together the seams created by wrapping the picture, I just wanted to see what this sort of thing would look like. If done in the future, it’s definitely much easier with a level background; in this picture the hills on either side actually line up nicely, but the coloring is skewed because of the great difference in distance.

Twirling Elk Plaza Little Planet

I’ve decided that so far I’ve only been dabbling in photoshop, and I’d really like to become proficient at it. I’ve got a bunch of tutorials lined up, and I torrented a “Photoshop CS5 for Dummies” book. There’s a lot I already know in it, but there’s also a ton of little detailed tools and functionalities that I’m only vaguely aware of or don’t know how to use. Since I’m thorough (read: anal) when it comes to learning the basics, I’m going to comb through it anyway.

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