Movie Ramblings: Spring Break

Andrei Marks · March 31, 2010

Among the few things I did while not doing the many things I should have been doing were these three movies.

"9" Movie Poster"Michael Jackson: This Is It" Movie Poster"Stargate: Continuum" Movie Poster

9 was okay, nothing special.  I was kind of expecting more from it.  However, the animation was beautiful, and there were some features about it that I really liked.  For instance, the movie was full of mechanical tinkering.  There was a scene in which the characters try to assemble a little torch from a tiny spear shaft, a watch battery, and one of those little mini-bulbs. It was obviously geared towards generating mechanical curiosity in a child viewer, and I think that scene was particularly effective. Hell, it made me want to take things apart and put them back together!  It sort of reminded me of this TED Talk/book (below), which I’d like to pick up one day and follow nearly to the letter when I have kids of my own.

I’ve read a number of articles that kind of lament the passing of manual tinkering from being on the center stage of childhood activities.  And although I hate being a doomsayer, I find that I agree.  Working with your hands is something fundamental to growth and learning, and the influence it has on our life persists until the end of that life.  Granted, kids might learn new sorts of skills through, say, interaction with digital worlds via computers and such, but I think the ideal situation will come about when we have tactile virtual worlds that fully mimic the real experience.


Michael Jackson: This is it. Eh.  Kind of tedious, because it was just long music sequences interspersed with clips of him interacting with his producers, musicians, and dancers.  Now, those interstitial glimpses of the behind the stage presence were really cool, as was seeing him and his team fine tune every aspect of the show.  But I just puttered around my computer during all the music sequences.  Although, some of the CGI they created for the show was pretty cool.

Stargate: Continuum. This is it.  Unless the final final SG1 movie comes out, this movie was the last of the series I’ll enjoy. Was it a great movie?  It was a decent episode, but it definitely didn’t have that big screen quality or pacing.  It really was just a longer episode, which I was completely satisfied with, because just a little bit more is better than no more at all.  As for the series’s entertainment factor, the graph looks something like this:

SG1 Enjoyment

I definitely have to give them kudos for saving the show at the end.  My theory is that they hired back some of the older writers.  I’m sure I could check this but I really don’t care that much.  Anyway, since Hulu doesn’t stream all the Atlantis seasons, I’m free from TV addiction for at least a few weeks because I can’t watch SGU out of order.

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