New Direction for Ordinary Russian Shooter

Andrei Marks · November 1, 2012

Okay, I’m writing this because I can’t connect to our Asset Server from home for whatever reason. We moved the server because of a power outage so maybe something is going on there.

So, new direction for Ordinary Russian Shooter. You fall out of love with things sometime, and the radial pseudo-shooter was interesting but I came up with a way to improve it as I was going to sleep. Make it a little closer to the original Vertex Turrets idea. So, writing down the bullet points to work on tomorrow at dev night.

  • The player is no longer stationary, and moves around a "map."
  • In addition to the player, there's a "heart" in the center of the map that the player protects.
  • The map then radiates outward from the center in concentric circles.
  • At each circle, there are shapes corresponding to the level (i.e., at the third ring out from the center, triangles, at the fourth, squares, etc.).
  • Vertices spawn from those shapes, and start drifting toward the center.
  • If they hit the heart, game over.
  • Your task is to protect the heart. You do so in two ways:
    • Destroy the vertices by shooting them.
    • Use their remains to build walls around the heart.
      • Each vertex can serve as a post you can connect to one other.
      • When connected, a wall is formed between the two.
      • There's a "tensile limit." You can protect a larger distance, at the cost of a weaker wall.
      • When vertices come against the wall, they start breaking it down, and when it's broken down it disappears.
      • The walls just stall the vertices.
  • Additionally, you can destroy the spawning point shapes to stop the enemies from coming, and to pick up powerups.
  • Once you destroy all spawn shapes, the next level opens up.
    • Will eventually have to balance out when/if to drop the walls and open up the next level anyway.
  • Will also have to consider the health/ammo mechanic. Will probably keep both.
    • Prob not ammo, more of a power mechanism.
    • Base weapon should be a "chain lightning gun." The more power you put in, the greater the size of the secondary, tertiary, quaternary explosion radius, etc.
  • Vertices should head for heart, and you if you're within a certain proximity.
  • I like ORS's stark aesthetic. Just lines and simple projectiles. Keeping that. But also thinking of adding a "flip" mechanic. As in, there are actually two worlds you're defending--one white, one black. So you have to constantly flip back and forth between the two.
  • Control scheme. This will be made for iPad as well. On iPad. One tap is shoot. Drag is to move in a certain direction, or possibly double tap. Will have to see. Collect enemies and then drag from corner to the post spots.
  • In terms of what needs to be scrapped from the original project and what concrete implementation to start with:
    • Import the todo list we're using for feedback.
    • Cut out enemies, cut out power ups, cut out control scheme, cut out multiple turrets. Remove ammo, keep power for weapon.
    • Implement Hub to run from first scene.
    • Implement randomized map, with heart at center.
    • Implement player movement, keep the round the center aiming + laser aiming mechanism, ditch the extra turrets.
    • Detach spawners from their architecture, place them on the arbitrary shapes. That will spawn.
    • Design the basic vertex shape.
    • Enemies need path finding behavior--towards heart if player not within proximity, toward player if in prox.
    • Implement new weapon mechanic. Not chain lightning, but tied to the power meter.
    • Implement enemy death/post pickup/wall dragging system.
    • Wall health/damage? Spawner wall/player wall should probably be tied together.
    • World flip.
    • and power flip when you're on the other side of the wall? That could be interesting, explore that.
    • Also, consider whether turrets are desirable. The game is called vertex turrets, after all.

Argh, excited to work on this! But a little more tired, let’s see if I can finally sleep.

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