New Project!

Andrei Marks · December 12, 2007

I’ve decided to put a little more time into translating and less into reading, which is what I’ve been doing most recently. So I will be slowly translating this book on Zen I picked up, called “Ch’an Talk” or “About Ch’an”, not sure how to best translate it at the moment, maybe after translating more of it the name will clear itself up.

Anyhow, here’s the first bit, I think I’ll try and do a minimum of a page a day.


Publisher’s Note

Ch’an is the largest school of Chinese Buddhism, and is unique in its human attitude, its system of values, its aesthetic appeal, and its method of thinking. For both courtly and common figures in ancient times, especially the literati class, it had a very far-ranging and profound influence, and formed an indissoluble bond with China’s ideological and cultural history. Researching Ch’an’s formation, development, and evolution, and investigating the characteristics of its every period, has become a major undertaking of the scholarly research world. This book is an introduction to early Ch’an Buddhism’s personages and events, and was written by the celebrated scholar Mr. Nan Huaijin. It is easy to understand, concise and to the point, and is suitable for those new to the subject. The author and the original publishing unit, the Taiwan Ancient Culture Enterprise Company, have authorized the revision and reprinting of the 1994 edition for research purposes.


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