One Game An Hour

Andrei Marks · September 4, 2020

So, new idea I’ve started working on. It’s a development exercise I’m calling One Game An Hour. The purpose being getting used to building game experiences really fast, and building up my personal utility library. The format being I work in hour long chunks, where the first half-hour is devoted to building a game (or app) in Unity from scratch, and the second half-hour is devoted to culling whatever I can into more well-architected/generic code. Then, before starting the next hour, just make sure to tie up any loose ends w/r/t to git and write a small description of the work done on the blog.

The reason I’m trying this is that I’d like to avoid the “been working on this project forever” outcome, and I think the hour long blocks combined with the completely fresh starts will help focus my attention on the long game more. And the lack of central game idea or theme will also help because it’s easier to work on something that’s exciting to me in the moment.

Hour 1


  • Mainly just setting up the repo and the project. The game idea is a journal that’s mainly a writing/typing visualizer.
  • Didn’t really get around to creating much code, learned a little bit more about Unity’s InputSystem module though.


  • Going to turn my bones repo, which is terribly underdeveloped, into a complete Unity package, to be imported via upm etc. However, this time around I pretty much just spent the whole half-hour reconfiguring the repo structure and getting things ready for a real package.

Hour 2


  • This time around, could jump right into the text visualization. Set up a TextWriter class to grab UnityEngine.InputSystem keyboard events and a self-contained UI class using TextMeshPro that reacts to it. Also begain working on the serialization component.
  • Learned a little bit more about * TextMeshPro, since I’ve never used it before.


  • Pushed a little further here. Set up the embedded package folder and file structure completely, moved old bones code into it.
  • Moved the TextWriter stubs into the package.
  • Actually published the package with the git subtree command. And did a quick test in the onegameanhour repo. I forgot the physics module dependency, so will add that next time around.

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