One Month Free

Andrei Marks · October 31, 2010

The entrance to the Starbucks on Indiana Ave.:

xbk_take comfort in rituals

I’m not sure if I’m more put off by encouraging the complacency of ritual, or by the calculated manipulation of human nature by a corporate entity.

So, I’m on my teetotaling Mormon diet again, and as of yesterday, October 29, I am one month caffeine and alcohol free.

It’ll be easy for me to remember the day I started abstaining (September 29), because that day just happened to be National Coffee Day. I didn’t plan that out, it was just serendipity. Of course, I’m very suspicious about this being an actual holiday because there’s zero substantive information about it if you do a google search (you just get cyber-regurgitation). So I’m pretty sure somebody just made it up as a commercial gimmick, spread it around, and now everyone think’s it’s an actual holiday. In any case, it’ll serve perfectly well as a mnemonic touch point.

My abstention is part of a larger lifestyle experiment, to see what my default mental and emotional states are, absent any chemical interference. I’ve also been trying to get at least eight hours of sleep a night, or at least a constructive eight (when I wake up feeling refreshed before the alarm goes off). Quite soon after I began I hardly had any tiredness issues, so long as I got my sleep. So no real reason to use caffeine. I also noticed I was getting more sensitive to sugar, which started having a more powerful stimulating effect. I’m trying to cut back.

It’s been pretty interesting and we’ll see how long I can keep it up. I haven’t really had any cravings for alcohol, but there are times when I tell myself some caffeine would be nice.

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