Random Unity Notes


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Resources for Unity Beginners

I went to IGDA Philly’s game demo night on Wednesday, and I’d say more than half of the games there had been built in Unity. And all of the games had their own really unique look and feel, it was pretty amazing how versatile Unity is as a development platform. Then Thursday night I met up with Philly’s Unity group, Philly Unity, and saw a few examples of what people were doing in Unity. Again, I was blown away, and couldn’t stop thinking about needing to get in on this!

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Blind Blocks Is Finished! Mostly!

Well, I put the game up on r/gamedev a few days ago and got a ton of useful feedback. So I’ve got a list of things to polish that I’m working on, though I’ll be dividing my time in between this and my next game. Otherwise, still working my way through Dive Into Python really slowly. I think I focus too much on unnecessary details sometimes. I’m also planning on devoting part of my day to learning how to make game music and art. Possibly too much? We’ll see! Things to do:

  • Fix the game speed not resetting bug.
  • Escape should escape the program on the title screen, but during the game it should escape to the title screen.
  • Center the credits screen.
  • Gameover screen: show the blocks that are left.
  • Gameover screen: press a certain key to escape, not any key.
  • Configurable keys
  • Smaller netbook resolution. 
  • Fix dropped block overlap (problem based on pixel jumps)
  • Allow counterclockwise rotation
  • Have the current block remain lit for a few seconds.
  • Make sure the blocks light up in place.
  • Lock Delay
  • Movement buffer?
  • Fixed scoring issue, now it's more responsive.
  • Make blind blocks icon for shortcut/installer/exe
  • Fix game crash after gameover
  • Losing focus issue still happening?
  • Fix the overzealous right-side wall kick.
  • Decrease sensitivity to background lag? Keys too sticky?
  • During lone line clear animations, keep the next piece in the preview area before switching it to currentBlock, so that the player can see the immediate piece that coming and strategize around it.
  • During line clear animation, tapping a rotation key rotates pieces before they come up. Probably just get rid of pre-rotation.
  • Award tetris extra points, not extra lines.
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