daily notes: uml

So I started reading Martin Fowler’s Refactoring about a week ago. And then a little bit through the intro I got sidetracked by the UML diagrams and decided maybe I should spend a little bit more time learning about them.

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jekyll layouting

Okay, now that I’ve got all that migration stuff out of the way (with the exception of a bunch of images from my old wordpress blog, it looks like), now I just want to make sure this particular theme doesn’t just throw up every single post ever.

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migrating am/blog

I started my original blog way back when…on blogger or blogspot or something. Then had a Wordpress site for a while. Then very briefly transferred everything over to a Ghost blog I was running on a digital ocean droplet. And now transferring to this jekyll/github pages blog. I hope it’s an easy process?

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  • Working on moving my website over to the github.io site.
    • Setting up the domains.
    • Dreamhost DNS setup
      • This is painful because I’ve forgotten about all of this and I guess there’s so much random record stuff already up that I have to go through and clear everything to get it to a blank state.
      • I’ll note that in order to revert andreimarks.com back to DNS Only I needed to go through and remove hosting + delete every subdomain. It wasn’t enough to just set the apex domain to the “DNS Only” setting.
    • Dreamhost Forum Post
      • Also had to follow the advice on this post to actually remove the “uneditable” A Name records.
    • Sigh, and now just a waiting game…
  • Other helpful random jekyll links (Not related to transferring the site, just useful stuff):
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