unemployment, lack of jobs, generation y, and such

Green Circle Trump BuildingAnd for today, an uplifting msnbc.com article on unemployment and today’s young adults.

“The 'scarring effects' of prolonged unemployment can be devastating over a worker’s career,” according to the report. “Productivity, earnings and well-being can all suffer. In addition, unemployment can lead to a deterioration of skills and make securing future employment more difficult.”


“At one point, I applied to Whole Foods, hoping they might see some potential for me to move to some type of management position,” Hueseman said. “The e-mail I received from them said I was far too overqualified for any of their hourly positions and as such would not be considered for a position.”


Baby boomers also are delaying their retirement, adding to the competition.

And ouch.

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ancient wisdom: marcus aurelius on motivation and getting your ass out of bed

Gray Hexagon Marcus Aurelius at the ForumHere’s the opening paragraph of Book 5 of the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius, translation by George Long:

In the morning when thou risest unwillingly, let this thought be present- I am rising to the work of a human being. Why then am I dissatisfied if I am going to do the things for which I exist and for which I was brought into the world? Or have I been made for this, to lie in the bed-clothes and keep myself warm?
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should your work be fulfilling? sometimes no, but ultimately yes.

Brown Diamond Camera on CampusI came across this blog post yesterday, and it certainly got me thinking. It’s titled “Post College: Realizing they were talking about you…” Here’s the tl;dr version.

  • College student dreams of becoming a movie director or some kind of video editor.
  • College grad has trouble finding a job, and when he does take jobs, they're not in his dream field. When he gets a job offer in his dream field, albeit in a menial, entry level position with worse pay, he gets angry at that offer because was "beneath" him (the article doesn't clearly say if he took it and then left it, or rejected it outright).
  • College grad now works in telephone technical support, and as he describes it, "it's been almost 7 years since [he's] edited anything substantial. [His] demo reel is moldy, [his] skill-set is ambiguous -- and [he'll] be 31 this year."
  • College grad has an epiphany, and blogs about it:
In hindsight, I can’t remember ever accomplishing anything really HARD that I didn’t already love to do before I started. Most of my successes have been in things that I was really already naturally good at and didn’t have to try very hard to finish. At some point I got it in my head then , since that was the case, work wasn’t supposed to be difficult. Which is why the last seven years have been such a mystery to me.
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