Finals Push

  • One virology paper: 5+ pages & research.
  • One bacteria paper: 3+ pages & research.
  • One biotech innovation seminar paper: 20 pages.
  • One comparative law paper: 8-10 pages.
  • One virology exam.
  • Two bacteria exams.
  • One comparative law exam.
  • One patent prosecution final in-class exam.
  • Lots of little cell biology assignments.
  • Then some backed up Vietnam research.
  • Then some backed up derivatives research.

This isn’t going to be a fun weekend.

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Mulligatawny is an Indian dish, I cooked it a few nights ago for the Asian leg of our Spring Break Round the World Culinary trip.  However, the dish seems to be pretty anglicized, according to some history here.  But in any case, it was a good Indian approximation.  The prep was fun, and the dish was probably the healthiest of the whole week.  If you don’t count any potential lead in the Indian spices, of course.  I used a brown lentil base and chicken in this version.

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Steak Poêle, Sauce Bordelaise

Last night was Day IV of my round-the-world cooking trip: Europe.  I picked France and Pan-seared Steak with Red Wine sauce as the dish.  I wish I’d taken pictures of the other nights.

  • Day I: North America, Beer, Brat, and Cheese Soup
  • Day II: South America, Arroz con Pollo
  • Day III: Africa, Kefta Kebab

I really like lining up all the ingredients before I actually cook, I don’t know why.  It feels organized.

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