I recently stumbled upon Zelda Reorchestrated, and I highly recommend it.  I download all 650 megs of the site’s music and have been going through it at pace.  Lots of quality stuff, even if I’ve never even played a number of the newest games.

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Connect the Dots

Connect the dots. Make sense of what you have written. Give it some order. Look for strengths and weaknesses. Notice what you love, what you hate, and what you tolerate. Notice what you admire and dislike in your supervisors and coworkers, along with how you interact with them. Notice trends. Your career may evolve with stops and starts, but it will evolve. Is it going the direction you want? How could you improve it?

Do you know How to Calculate Your Real Hourly Wage? This enlightening exercise can make you reconsider your situation and direction.

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