On Japanese Aesthetics in Poetry

I was watching Objectified, the design documentary, and heard this very interesting quote:

"A very important turning point for me was the term 'obsessive sketch' by Takahama Kyoshi, a haiku poet. When the poet's sentiments are overly visible, the audience may become uncomfortable. But by writing simply and only about what is there, the audience is drawn into the poet's world. Their imagination is stimulated, and a silent connection is established. I believe this is where the most important aspect of the Japanese sense of beauty lies."
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Our Patented Development Process

Cipher Prime’s patented development cycle: We make a prototype, we fuck around for a couple months, then we frankenstein crunch the engine into better shape two weeks before an official launch date, shoot from the hip re: gameplay tuning, and then have our initial users beta-test the game for us.

A mock draft for an interview question. I’m only half-serious, haha.

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