Peru and Two New Prototypes

Andrei Marks · December 20, 2012

So, I’ve been up to a bunch in the last few weeks.

I was away in Peru for the first ten days of December. It was a damn good trip. It was my first time in South America, and the highlight was a 4-day, 3-night backpacking trip over the Inca Trail ending at Macchu Picchu. Pictures and everything are up on Flickr. Well, not everything. I took 1600 pictures and it’s a pain in the ass sorting through them.

In any case, the Thursday immediately before I left I made a new prototype, called Okazaki. And the Thursday immediately after I made another new prototype, called I’m a Good Person.




Okazaki is actually based on DNA replication. You’re matching a sequence as it comes. However, the trick is that you have to do the same sort of matching in two different ways in two different places. One hand is typing out the opposite pair of one strand, and the other hand is using the mouse to click and drag bases to their correct pairings on the other strand. Okazaki fragments are the fragments of DNA that get strung together on the lagging strand. The prototype is currently in a pretty rough stage, as I’ve only at the 15h mark or so.

[insert the youtube video.]

Screen Shot 2012-12-19 at 6.10.03 PM


I’m a Good Person comes out of the most recent Cipher Prime dev night game jam. The theme was “On Rails.” Initially I was going to work on a simulation game, but decided that might be a little too much work for a single night, and I’d came up with this instead. Basically, you’re in “control” of a runaway train and you have to make decisions about which people on the tracks you’re going to hit. However, all the people are labeled with an aspect of identity–for instance, their race, gender, religion, profession, etc. At the very end you get a scorecard of what types of people you let save, and what types of people you let die. It’s sort of a mix between the Trolley Problem and the Implicit Association Test. I’m probably at around 20h or so. I’m pretty happy with the visuals, I went for very infographic-y. Lots of places to be improved.

I’m making a much more concerted push to finish games. Maybe not making them super polished, but getting them moderately polished and getting a regular gameloop in.

First I’m going to finish I’m a Good Person, then Okazaki (iPad), and then push on with Where Are You?.

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