Project: Original Russian Shooter

Andrei Marks · August 7, 2012

Started: July 19, 2012.

Status: Unfinished.

This project started as a radial shooter. And it still is, it has just evolved into something slightly more humorous. The whole concept is simple, you control a gun at the center of a circle, and you shoot outward at incoming projectiles.

Game Progression

The player is funneled into a certain stage depending on their progress.

If it’s the player’s first time playing the game, they’re going to be shunted into the name selection screen.

Transitions and a reusable tutorial level format.

There are three different scenes. A main menu scene, a name picking scene, and a game scene.

There are goofy subtitles, because they are a constant part of the game, I think I’ll actually attach that particular game object to the manager structure, so that it’s preserved across scenes. Note: what I ended up doing was having the scene manager govern the creation of a subtitle game object (if it’s missing) and it’s placement on the camera.

Game Intro To-Do List

  • Move the sun up after the eclipse, to make room for the button.

Making sure iPad version runs fine.

Making sure Flash version runs fine.

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