Recent Happenings (2011/29/9)

Andrei Marks · September 29, 2011

Just an update of what I’ve been doing recently.

General Programming

I’m still going through Dive into Python 3, though I’m only on Chapter 2. Damned “Further Readings.” I should probably also look through Python’s tutorial docs as well, that can’t hurt. However, that was all put on semi-hold because I found The Python Game Book, which is specifically about Pygame, and just from browsing the chapter headings I saw that it had a couple things I’m really interested in implementing in my next game. So I’m going through that first, already on the fifth lesson.

In addition, I learned a little bit about revision control and signed up for Github. I put Blind Blocks up there, since I’ll be working on it in the future, and as soon as I finish the latest pygame tutorial I’ll start that. Git does have something of a learning curve, even just stepping into the water is something of a leap. These sites should help, though: The Git Parable, Git is Simpler, ProGit, GitRef, and others. This is good as my previous version of revision control looked like this:

My Revision Control

Also, planning on learning more about unit testing and I would like to switch to something like Vim for writing code, just to get over the learning curve. But the IDLE that comes wrapped up with Python is serving me fine for now.

Game Development

Subscribed to Bit Battalion, which had a nice little motivational post. He’s also got a couple really well done games.

  • Tetris: I completed the netbook resizing, revamping my code so that it's all relative and nothing is dependent on arbitrary pixel sizes. I'll work up an icon for the program soon and then get back to actual code. I've been dilly-dallying  mainly because as I'm going through these other tutorials I'm finding ways to do things a little more efficiently. So I'd like to save the changes until I finish. Still need to put this up on Pygame, I think I'm just still in that waiting mode. I'm also wondering whether or not I should try converting it to Python 2.
  • Pacman clone: I've resolved to first recreate the traditional Pacman game, to spec, and then change it to the ambidextrous anti-Pacman hunting game. I'm still hung up on the idea of having the player control all the ghosts at once, but will give that up if I can't come up with an adequate control scheme.

Music & Art

I’ve started outlining the learning how to learn parts of doing my own music and art. I plan on starting with chiptunes and pixel art because I think their limitations will at least make them slightly easier to learn. There’s also a certain level of familiarity there.

Music-wise, I’ve just read the Dr. Petter article on sound generation, which just goes over the basics of the physics and concepts related to how computers (or, the old-timey consoles) were made to generated the sounds that they did. Otherwise just collecting links and potential software to try out. Best advice I saw was to see what software worked most intuitively for you and go with it. Make music first and if you find something more efficient when you’re more proficient, then switch. Pixelprospector is quickly becoming my go-to source for resources.

For pixel art, I mainly looked into how to set up photoshop for pixel art, looked at other tools, and found a number of tutorials, some old, some new.

More next time.

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