Andrei Marks · September 9, 2007

So I am going to shift gears and change lanes with this blog.

My original intention had been to keep it a translation exercise for myself, and source of news for readers. After a steady three weeks of this practice I’ve allayed my fears that this was just a passing phase, and I recently began doing more research concerning the ins and outs of blogging, blog design, blog maintenance, and popularization/dissemination.

My goal here, is to acquire a solid reader base, to get some web traffic coming in, and to make some money.

But after some thought, I decided that the current format of translating an article or so a day is not going to cut it. I want to personalize the blog articles, expand/get more in depth into what I’m interests me, and generally explore other options. For instance the ins and outs of working on my Mandarin, of happenings here in Beijing, and in the future perhaps the trials and tribulations of becoming a translator.

And if I stick to translating articles from newspapers, that’s technically a violation of copyright laws, since I’m doing it without any permission. Granted this blog is blocked in China anyway, and at this point I doubt they would care at all about some two-bit kid translating their work. In addition, most of the articles, being about international affairs, can be found from any regular English news source, so I’m not bringing anything special into play. So in the end I feel that it will be better to branch out.

Of course, now I’m saddled with the burden of having to make up original content!

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