Reversi Exercise Finished, Three-Fourths Done with!

Andrei Marks · September 6, 2011

Labor Day weekend knocked down my studying efficiency, but it’s Monday morning and time to get back in the game. Finished reading through and understanding the Reversi source, just going to read the rest of the chapter and then I think that the book starts with Pygame!

A couple of interesting articles or ideas I came across through various subreddits have made me think a little about my game plan, in no particular order:

  • If I'm ever at a loss for where to go, skillwise, I can always check out the job listings for people in video game industry positions I'm interested in and see what the skillsets they're looking for are.
  • Rentacoder and other similar online programming gigs will probably be a good way to practice various aspects of coding, and earn a little money on the side, even if it's just a pittance.
  • I need to arrange my list of game ideas from easiest to hardest.
  • I read this article on the difficulties of learning programming; it got plenty of comments on Reddit, some good and some critical, but it's nevertheless pretty inspiring.
  • I took a breather to do the first few problems from The Python Challenge, which is very cool and there's a wiki where people share their solutions. I think it will be a great way for me to learn. I'd just like to figure out the best way to integrate it into my overall studying plan.
  • I should learn more about the game development scene here in Philly.

Things I’ve learned since the last update:

nested loops, absolute value, abs() function, computer’s coordinate system, data structures, multiple assignment in for loops for lists of lists, remove() list method, ‘‘,isdigit() string method, condition blocks on a single line, cryptography, cipher, plaintext, encrypting, ciphertext, garbage data, decrypting, keys, symbol, ordinal, chr() function, ord() function, simple substitution cipher, ‘‘.isalpha() string method, .isupper()/islower() string methods, cryptanalysis, brute force.

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