Rule #1: No Conversation or Eye Contact at Urinals

Andrei Marks · September 3, 2007

This is from the 2007-09-03 print of the Beijing Paper (新京报), in the International News–Middle East, Americas, and Africa section. No author listed, and it’s from the Xinhua Press.

Well, this turned out to be today’s only article about America! I hadn’t really been following the story, I knew that it had happened, I just didn’t know what had happened. I suggest you google it if you don’t know what happened. I looked on Wikipedia and now I’m much more knowledgeable about cottaging!

I’m also not too familiar with homosexuality in China, and all that I know comes from Wikipedia. Apparently everything I know comes from Wikipedia, crap. But sodomy was decriminialized in 1997 and in April of 2001 it was removed from the government’s official list of mental disorders! Yay, progress! Or regress, if you’re of that orientation.

So without further ado….

Oh wait, here’s the links for the man of the hour and Barely Legal Content.


American Senator Suspected of Soliciting Homosexuals Resigns

- Craig was the fourth-ranking member in the Senate’s Republican leadership.

On the 1st, U.S. Senator Larry Craig, who was involved in the “Bathroom Scandal”, said that he would resign his senatorial post on August 30.

Constantly Faced Pressure to Resign

On June 11 of this year, Craig was detained by the police in Minnesota’s Minneapolis Airport for being suspected of attempting to solicit sex from a plainclothes police officer in a men’s restroom. Because incidents of homosexual sex in this airport’s men’s restrooms occur frequently, the local police had begun an investigation which involved the placement of “bait”. Craig was lured and caught by the police in this manner, and was subsequently detained. On August 8, Craig pleaded guilty to a charge of disorderly misconduct. After this, he faced constant pressure to resign. On the 1st the Republican senator announced in his home state of Idaho that he will leave office on September 30.

“I want to express my apologies to the people of Idaho, to my staff, to my colleagues in the Senate, and most importantly to my wife and family for having set off this disturbance; I am very sorry,” said Craig in a press release.

The Governor Will Select a Successor

White House spokesperson Scott Stanzel said that after Craig announced the schedule for his resignation, President Bush gave him a telephone call, “For himself, for his family, for his constituents and the U.S. Senate, Craig has made the right decision”.

This year Craig is 62, and the next year would have concluded his third term as a Senator. From 1996 to 2002 he served as the chairman for the Senate Policy Committee, and was the fourth ranking personage in the Republican leadership. In 2002 he took up the post of the Senate Majority Leader (Republican), and was in the secondary position of the Republican leadership.

According to legal regulations, after Craig resigns, Idaho Governor C.L. Otter will choose a successor to serve the remainder of Craig’s senatorial term. According to Reuters, Otter is promising to select a Republican, thereby maintaining the division of power between the parties in the Senate.


There was also a photo of Craig surrounded by the media, captioned: On August 1, when Craig issued his apology in Idaho, he was “besieged” by the media.

Translator’s notes:
- He was the chairman of the Senate Republican Policy Committee.
- Okay, c’mon this is funny. Idaho Governor C.L. Otter’s nickname is Butch, and his first wife’s name was Gay. On a less funny note, in January of this year the governor sanctioned his approval for hunting gray wolves, which recently recovered their population in Idaho to about 1,000, until there are about a hundred left, pending their removal from the endangered species list.

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