Running Studies

Andrei Marks · May 29, 2008

Aside from listening to Japanesepod101 lessons while I commute and while I go to sleep, I’ve also found that listening to podcasts while running is especially constructive.

More then just getting practice, it also really absorbs your concentration, so that the time flies by while you’re running. Moreso than music even. With music you can lose focus, especially if you’re familiar with the songs, but with these podcasts your mind is constantly struggling to listen and understand. So you’re put in this different zone, and you get a good workout.

Now I’m normally not for multitasking, but the utility and flexibility of web-based audio lessons and mp3 players is simply a match made in heaven.

Last night during my run I was listening to a lesson on 野球!

野球の野 是个很有意思的字, 一直让我想起来中文的”野”, so it’s like “wild-ball” rather than “field-ball”!

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