Rushing Through

Andrei Marks · June 3, 2008

My normal textbook habit is to make my way through each chapter slowly, and repeat readings of the current chapter during each session.

For instance, I’m on chapter fifteen now, and the chapter consists of a dialogue, vocab, grammar, and exercises. During each session, which might last 45 minutes or so, I will read through as much as the chapter as I can, interspersing flash card drills. Generally, because of attention span and or amount of content, I won’t make it all the way through on the first go, so for the second session, or the third, fourth, fifth, etc., I will start from the beginning. But eventually I get it down pat and I breeze through the chapter in a single session, whereupon I start the next.

However, recently this has taken me forever, keeping me stuck on the same chapter for a week and a half (of one-session a day days), so now I’m just barrelling on to the next chapter, and will do the same for the one after that, and so on. There are only three more chapters in the book and I just want to be done with it and move on! So hopefully by the end of this weekend I’ll have finished!


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