Several Hours of Hangman

Andrei Marks · September 1, 2011

Well, it took a couple hours of work but I finally made it through the hangman chapter, and I’m currently working on Chapter 10, Tic Tac Toe.

After Hangman, I’d covered:

  • index assignment
  • list concatenation
  • in Operator
  • del Statement
  • List of Lists
  • Methods
  • Objects
  • split() List Method
  • len()
  • range() Function
  • list() Function
  • for Loop
  • Slicing
  • Loop Unrolling
  • Infinite Loops
  • elif Statements
  • .startswith()/.endswith() Methods
  • Dictionaries
    • Keys
    • Key Value Pairs
    • Unordered List
    • Dictionary Methods (.key(), .values())
  • random.choice()
  • Multiple Assignment

Tic Tac Toe is progressing at pace. There don’t seem to be very many new concepts. I’ve started a “What I’ve Learned About Python” page to keep track of all of this stuff in the big picture of things, so I have a record of what I’ve learned but don’t clutter up each post with the same outline.

I think that the most difficult, or at least most daunting, aspect of this learning process is that figuring out how the example source code is one thing, but imagining creating the program from the ground up still seems like almost an unthinkable task.

I think that this particular book would definitely benefit from some exercises.

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