Starting a Chess Board

Andrei Marks · September 12, 2020


Today decided to do a chess thing. Pretty much all I finished in the half hour was deciding on a grid and chessboard class. The CreateBoard function, essentially.

So, in terms of reusable stuff, just created a base Grid library and then a separate Chess library. No game loop stuff or anything. Then just packed it up and moved it to…


Released a v1.0.2, which contains the remaining Sample stuff from the last go around. I hadn’t properly organized/set up everything, so now when I pick up I should be able to just import stuff directly into the onegameanhour project.

On my todo list for Bones is creating a “release” script/Editor shortcut that will allow me to simply cut a package with a single command, versus doing what I do now (renaming folders, incrementing package version, actually doing the git subtree stuff, and so on).

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