Ted Olsen: "...I'm sorry if I interrupted you."

Andrei Marks · August 8, 2010

Sourced from Think Progress. Ted Olsen on Chris Wallace’s show, discussing Judge Walker’s Prop 8 decision.


Boom, lawyered!

Definitely, my favorite bit started at the 3:45 mark. What an awesome technique, and his delivery of it was timed perfectly. Overall that was a pretty impressive display on Olsen’s part, although I’m not particularly surprised at the quality of the performance. After all, he was the plaintiff’s lawyer for the case, so all of that was probably sitting fresh in his mind, honed with practice and infused with zealous advocacy. No mere news anchor would have stood a chance.

For more amusement, if you click through to the Youtube comments you’ll find that there are three flavors of responses to the clip. Here’re some examples:

  1. The Choir: "franzmr: This guy is the personification of awesome! Very well spoken and even got a Faux News guy to agree with him. He's definitely a hero to all who want equality for all!"
  2. The Swayed: "wilddl229: What a great video.. Changed my mind"
  3. The Functionally Retarded: "LY8Ze7xK: . . . I would much prefer to have anything decided by a popular vote, than decided by activist liberal judges and bozos like this, because at least you have a fighting chance to make your argument."

There’s also a sprinkling of a fourth:

  • The Objective Reporter: "moochu2: Wow, Olson obliterated that fuck face"


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