Touching Molyneux Quote

Andrei Marks · July 1, 2013

I’m planning on doing the Molyjam this weekend, and this year they’ve come up with the idea of taking something that he’s said and turning that into a game. Last year was making a game from one of the @petermolydeux parody account’s tweets.

They have a curated list, but you’re also allowed to go out and find your own quote to use. So I’m looking at different interviews, but this Rock, Paper, Shotgun one had this quote from Molyneux, and it’s pretty damn good:

Molyneux: It’s madness, it’s madness. But the best things that human beings do, I think, they do when they’re under pressure. It’s that insane energy. We’ve got our destiny in the path that we’re walking down, but we can’t walk down it. We have to run down it. We’re in this digital world that changes every second. That’s why we’re doing these two things at once.

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