trying to figure out what this blog is all about

Andrei Marks · August 5, 2010

I’ve decided to refocus the content of Dropping LSD, because I have to come to grips with two of my less dependable personality traits. Also, I’m going to lay out the foundations of a Master Plan.

Two Unfortunate or Fortunate Traits, Depending

  1. I get bored of things easily.
  2. I am good at thinking up ideas, but very bad at the follow through.

Now the basic concept of this blog, figuring out how I can get out of law school debt doing work that I enjoy, is still the same. But I’m not sure that I want to focus on personal finance, frugality, and productivity, because while I do like those topics I’ve found that I’m unable to color in the lines, as it were. Something new and shiny will catch my eye, or I will get stuck on writing a post for days, or I may simply feel unqualified to really expound on a certain topic because it’s not in my area of expertise. What happens then, when I feel as if I’ve moved on from the blog in my head, is the blog goes derelict, and shutters its doors. Another reason is that the blogosphere dealing in these topics is already overpopulated and oversaturated with plenty of great sites. I don’t want to just be a recirculator.

Well, enough.

The only way I’m going to keep this blog going is by nutting up and simply writing about whatever I’m interested in at the moment, and this will change from month to month (actually, the real length of time is probably closer to every two weeks). This kind of violates that pick a topic and stick to it rule of blogging, but I’m going to take this advice instead.

A Master Plan

So, the main point is getting out of debt. That means making money. I’ll take a law job if I have to, if not that then a nine-to-five if that’s available, but in the time that I have left (that sounds morbid…I mean before graduation), I would like to work on my creative skills and at least get started with a feasible side career in writing. And this blog will be part of that.

I have a number of ideas, for a children’s book, for a web comic, for several sci-fi stories, for a faux travel book…but like I said above, I just have to follow through. What I’d like this blog to be is a jumping off point for these various projects. Sort of like a central hub. I envision giving away much of this content away for free, but then making a little extra on the side through the sale of hard copy or publication deals. Like any blogger, I do want to get traffic to my site, and I do want to develop a base; I do realize this will be difficult without any firm sort of direction, but if this has to be nothing more than another personal blog then so be it. People will just have to realize how great of a guy I am and keep coming back for more!

I’ve decided to keep until I’m out of debt, and then I’ll migrate to a new site. By then I’ll hopefully have more content and more readers. Three weeks in, I kind of think that Dropping LSD isn’t the best name to build a brand around, but I’m going to stick with it in the meantime. I’ll consider it as a badge of shame I have to wear for a while.

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