unemployment, lack of jobs, generation y, and such

Andrei Marks · July 29, 2010

Green Circle Trump BuildingAnd for today, an uplifting msnbc.com article on unemployment and today’s young adults.

“The 'scarring effects' of prolonged unemployment can be devastating over a worker’s career,” according to the report. “Productivity, earnings and well-being can all suffer. In addition, unemployment can lead to a deterioration of skills and make securing future employment more difficult.”


“At one point, I applied to Whole Foods, hoping they might see some potential for me to move to some type of management position,” Hueseman said. “The e-mail I received from them said I was far too overqualified for any of their hourly positions and as such would not be considered for a position.”


Baby boomers also are delaying their retirement, adding to the competition.

And ouch.

Looking forward to some good times.

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