Unity Package Manager Samples

Andrei Marks · September 7, 2020

onegameanhour update

  • Working on the journal bit again, working on a straight up word processor visualization.
  • Ugh, took me forever to figure out that my assemblies in the package were actually compiling fine, it was Rider falling apart. Re-added the Rider package.
  • Also was getting weird behavior from the TextMeshPro essentials import, guess I need to make sure the folder doesn’t exist, because I think that’s all that it looks for.

bones update

  • Fixed the Physics module reference in bones.
  • Learning a little bit more about how git and revisions are handled. See specifically the packages-lock.json stuff.
  • Also, learned that I could just specify subfolders.
  • Also, learning more about samples, which I’d like to integrate as a possible workflow type thing for this project (i.e. throw anything I’m working on but isn’t quite finished into the samples folder wholesale, so I can pick it up the next time around.)
  • I should write a script to handle some of the standard packaging stuff, like adding the ~ to Documentation and Samples and then incrementing the package version.

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