Where Are You? : Fuck This Jam 2012 Post-Jam

Andrei Marks · November 18, 2012

The 2012 Fuck This Jam is over, and I had quite a lot of fun. Also got a neat game prototype out of it, and lots of Unity networking practice.

So I decided to make an FPS, as they are one of my more disliked genres. (At one point I remembered I also hate sports games just as much, but I’d already come up with an FPS concept I wanted to do.)

I don’t like FPSes because they require more “muscle” than brains. You win at FPSes by 1) having better reflexes and reaction times than others and 2) putting in the time to build up those things. And while there’s definitely a strategic component to FPSes, I think that that aspect of it is much less important than the muscle memory. Compare them to something like RTS games, where the strategic aspect of the game has greater importance relative to the muscle memory you have to build up.

The Game

So I made Where Are You?, which is a hybrid FPS/RTS where I don’t ever have to be shot at.

The basic concept is that one player is playing an FPS and the other is playing a top down RTS, and they share the same game state. In the game jam iteration, the FPS is trying to find the other player’s “brain”, all while avoiding enemies and environmental traps.

The other player, the RTSer, has a top down view of the action, and can spawn enemies to attack the player, move the brain around to avoid the player, and generally outmaneuver the player on the ground by setting traps and generally making their life hard.

The Jam

So, this game is nowhere near finished, though it is a pseudo-playable game. The networking works; both players can do stuff (run around and shoot; spawn enemies and move pieces around); players can win (by destroying the brain; by having the other player die three times).  The game just isn’t balanced and doesn’t have all the features I wanted.

I’m planning on ultimately making the game a co-op first person puzzler, but making it competitive for now would be a good way to get it finished faster and test it out.

My next steps are implementing the rest of the mechanics for both players. Player energy collection and upgrades, and then the RTSer’s resource collection, units, and spells. Then the big thing will be bringing the aesthetics and design up to snuff.

After that we’ll see where the game is at and I’ll get more people to play and see if it’s worth building out a cooperative mode.

What I really enjoyed about this jam (total work put into the prototype was approximately 50 hours) was how well my to-do listing went, as well as the decisions to pare down the game to get it to be a playable “game” by the end of the jam.


Here’s a timelapse of the last 24 hours of development:

Here’s a little gameplay introduction video:

And here’s the link to the Fuck This Jam entry.


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