Where are You? (v. 0.2) Dev Blog

Andrei Marks · November 22, 2012

Let’s say the Fuck This Jam version of Where Are You is version 0.1. After a playtesting session, it was apparent that there were a few glaring imbalances in even this barebones version of the game. I’ll consider Where Are You? in v. 0.2 once I get those cleaned up.

The primary issue was that the game was far too easy for the RTS player. Some, the FPSer, would never really be anything other than lost.

  • Really need to get rid of the falling deaths that come about because Some runs out into the abyss. I'm changing the rooms separated by platform level design into a teleportation mechanic, so that while the rooms are in fact separated, the player is never actually going to be traversing the outside, at least not normally.
  • The FPSer's icon needs to be hidden from the RTSer unless the FPSer is in the territory of the RTSer. For instance, in the same room as the RTS'ers buildings or units. This fog of war seems pretty necessary.
  • Moreover, the RTSer's field of view should probably also be restricted to the territory that it's gained.
  • There needs to be some way for the FPSer to know where they should go. I still don't want them to have a map, but I'm going to try out a "console" that sits in the center of each room and pops up an arrow that points in the direction of the brain.
  • The FPSer should also have a visual indication of how many lives they have left, and when they die there's this weird lag in between when they die and when the game ends. It's jarring to suddenly "lose."
  • The RTSer's enemy spawning mechanic also needs to be revamped. If I'm just going to use the "timing" mechanic for now, there should still be a visual indication of that time.

There were a number of issues with the RTS experience too, but I think for now it’s enough to focus on the FPS player.

Now, my promise to myself is that I won’t worry myself overly with the design details of the game, and I’ll just get version 0.2 finished.

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