Unity Package Manager Samples

onegameanhour update

  • Working on the journal bit again, working on a straight up word processor visualization.
  • Ugh, took me forever to figure out that my assemblies in the package were actually compiling fine, it was Rider falling apart. Re-added the Rider package.
  • Also was getting weird behavior from the TextMeshPro essentials import, guess I need to make sure the folder doesn’t exist, because I think that’s all that it looks for.
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One Game An Hour

So, new idea I’ve started working on. It’s a development exercise I’m calling One Game An Hour. The purpose being getting used to building game experiences really fast, and building up my personal utility library. The format being I work in hour long chunks, where the first half-hour is devoted to building a game (or app) in Unity from scratch, and the second half-hour is devoted to culling whatever I can into more well-architected/generic code. Then, before starting the next hour, just make sure to tie up any loose ends w/r/t to git and write a small description of the work done on the blog.

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haiku slack bot

A colleague created a #haiku channel on our work slack, and that’s reminded me I’ve always wanted to make a haiku bot. I’ve decided to just extend an old markov generator slack bot I made a while back, using this as an opportunity not just to do the fun haiku stuff but also get some experience with organizing a python project (versus a messy one-off scrip).

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daily notes: minimaxim devlog

The game/app I’m working on is called Minimaxim. Just the working name but I probably won’t bother changing it even when hitting the button and getting the game on the app store. That naming trap is just one of those things that’s easy to get sucked into.

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daily notes: #profitjam

So my 35th birthday is coming up in a few days, and I’ve also scheduled the final payment on my student loans. So it feels like a nice little inflection point. I have a couple ideas for a few new goals I’d like to start up, but this particular post is just going to lay out one of them.

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